In april my nephew, Efraim, asked me to help him with a school project. He liked to do something with computers….You can do a lot with computers nowadays : Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But when I was at Efraim’s age, even a little younger, we got a Commodore VIC-20 along with a programming tutorial. So I started programming, coding right away.

So I thought maybe I can learn Efraim coding. Of course we skipped BASIC, so we started with HTML, CSS and Javascript. I suggested him to follow some courses on Codecademy, a fun way to learn how to code.

And after a few weeks practicing and coaching I got a Facebook message from Efraim : “Hi uncle, I had a great mark for my presentation and I’m very proud of it!!”

So that’s why I started the “Coding Stuff” project, to promote and motivate teens to code. Because coding is fun, instructive and just cool. Eventually you can become a Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, or the new Sergey Brin of  Google.



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