I still remember it.. around 1981,1982.. my brother bought a homecomputer, a Commodore VIC-20, with 4K of RAM and color screen with 22 characters on line. It was amazing!! With the computer came a manual, a programming manual, so you could learn how to program it.


I started reading and coding, just very simple : ’10 print “Henk”; 20 GOTO 10′. Finally I could create stuff..and I knew what I wanted to do when I was “BIG”. I wanted to go to an university to learn how computers works and to learn how to code….

But I wasn’t “BIG” yet..so after school, on sunday afternoons I started coding. In that periode you could buy magazines, for example BYTE. In this magazines they published games : pages with only numbers : 10 AB 34 FF 12 FF 33 FF etc, page after page. And if you had typed all these numbers into a special program you could play the game! So together with my brother we spend hours typing numbers. The fun part…sometimes the computer crashed, and you have to start all over again..

Later on I went to the secondary school, the RSG, and I met some friends with same hobby. We started a computerclub “Optisoft”, started talking about “multicolor sprites”….


In 1986 a new printing museum in Meppel was founded and on october 6 opened by Prince Bernhard. I had the privilege to create a quiz on a ATARI 1040 ST and to demonstrate it to the prince. He liked the quiz, but he was a little confused how to use the mouse ;)…


Finally in 1989 I could got the University of Twente to learn about computers and coding…

30 years later I’m doing still the same…I’m coding, organising hackathons and having fun.

Have fun,