I started programming as a kid. My first computer was a commodore 64. It was great. The entire computer was built into the keyboard. Just plug in a TV and the power supply and it booted instantly to a BASIC prompt.

Writing code was as simple as typing “10 PRINT ‘HI'” and then “20 GOTO 10″. There was no memory management and no rules. If you broke something, just reset power and it would be back to initial state in seconds.

My mom bought me books where you could type in 30 page games and then run them. It was great though she ended up doing most the typing for me.

Eventually I “upgraded” to a PC. It was an i386 with 16MB of ram running at 16Mhz with DOS. I programmed Q-Basic on this for almost 10 years! I made some pretty cool games and was obsessed with it. I would program instead of watching TV or going out with friends. On the bright side I also enjoyed outdoors and spent almost as much time enjoying nature.

Then in the late 90’s I got a newer computer with internet, graphical interface and a web browser. I’ve been doing web development and related technologies ever since.

My mission today is to help today’s kids have that same experience I did with zero roadblocks to coding. Modern consumer devices are locked down but I’m creating ways to develop on them anyway.


Tim Caswell